7.5 Headache attributed to intrathecal injection


Headache experienced in both upright and recumbent postures, caused by and occurring within 4 days of an intrathecal injection and remitting within 14 days.

Diagnostic criteria:
  1. Any headache fulfilling criterion C
  2. An intrathecal injection has been given
  3. Evidence of causation demonstrated by at least two of the following:
    1. headache has developed within 4 days of the intrathecal injection1
    2. headache has significantly improved within 14 days after the intrathecal injection2
    3. signs of meningeal irritation
  4. Not better accounted for by another ICHD-3 diagnosis.
  1. Headache usually develops within 4 days after intrathecal injection, and is present in both upright and recumbent postures.
  2. When headache persists beyond 14 days, alternative diagnoses should be considered, such as 7.2.2 Cerebrospinal fluid fistula headache, meningitis or leptomeningeal disease.