ICHD-3 Translations

The International Headache Society (IHS) expressly permits translations of all or parts of ICHD-3 for the purposes of clinical application, education, field testing or other research, It is a condition of this permission that all translations are registered with IHS. Before embarking upon translation, prospective translators are advised to enquire whether a translation exists already in the proposed language.

All translators should be aware of the need to use rigorous translation protocols. Publications reporting studies making use of translations of all or any part of ICHD-3 should include a brief description of the translation process, including the identities of the translators (of whom there should always be more than one).

IHS will not endorse translations. Endorsements may be given by member national societies; wherever these exist, such endorsement should be sought.

ICHD-3 translationsSizeTypeDownload
3. Auflage der Internationalen Klassifikation von Kopfschmerzerkrankungen - ICHD-3 German Translation2.7MBpdfDownload
国际头痛分类第三版 第一届头痛分类委员会 - ICHD-3 Chinese Translation1.9MBpdfDownload
국제두통질환분류 제3판 한글판 번역 집필진 - ICHD-3 Korean Translation6.5MBpdfDownload
Classifição Internacional de Cefaleias, 3 Edição - ICHD-3 Portuguese Translation2.0 MBpdfDownload
III edición de la Clasificación internacional de las cefaleas - ICHD-3 Spanish Translation2.7 MBpdfDownload
La Classification Internationale des Céphalées 3e édition - ICHD-3 French Translation
3.0 MBpdfDownload
Classifição Internacional das Cefaleias, 3 Edição - ICHD-3 Brazilian-Portuguese Translation1 MBpdfDownload
ICHD-3 Japanese Translation - see also: http://www.jhsnet.org/kokusai_new_2019.html1 MBpdfDownload
Cea de a 3-a clasificare internaţională a cefaleelor (ICHD-3) - ICHD-3 Romanian Translation2 MBpdfDownload
Международна класификация на главоболията, 3-то издание - ICHD-3 Bulgarian Translation4 MBpdfDownload
國 際 頭 痛 疾 病 分 類 第 三 版 中 文 版 - ICHD-3 Taiwan Version Mandarin Traditional Chinese4 MBpdfDownload
Mezinarodni klasifikace bolesti hlavy oficialni cesky preklad - ICHD-3 Czech Translation4 MBpdfDownload
Classificazione Internazionale delle Cefalee - ICHD-3 Italian Translation1.8 MBpdfDownload
ICHD-3 Beta translationsSizeTypeDownload
Classificazione Internazionale delle Cefalee – ICHD-3-beta Italian translation
国際頭痛分類 第 3 版の - ICHD-3-beta Japanese translation
ICHD-3-beta – ICHD-3-beta Korean translation
Classifição Internacional de Cefaleias – 3a Edição – ICHD-3-beta Portuguese translation
Medunarodna Klasifikacija Glavobolja 3 Izdanje – ICHD-3-beta Serbian translation
III Edición de la Clasificación Internacional de las Cefaleas – ICHD-3-beta Spanish translation
国际头痛分类第三版(beta版)– ICHD-3-beta Chinese translation