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Migraine with typical aura in which aura is neither accompanied nor followed by headache of any sort.

Diagnostic criteria:

A. Attacks fulfilling criteria for 1.2.1 Migraine with typical aura and criterion B below
B. No headache accompanies or follows the aura within 60 minutes


In some patients, a typical aura is always followed by migraine headache, but many patients have, in addition, attacks with aura followed by a less distinct headache or even without headache. A number of patients have, exclusively, Typical aura without headache.

In the absence of headache fulfilling criteria for 1.1 Migraine without aura, the precise diagnosis of aura and its distinction from mimics that may signal serious disease (eg, transient ischaemic attack) becomes more difficult and often requires investigation. When aura occurs for the first time after age 40, when symptoms are exclusively negative (eg, hemianopia) or when aura is prolonged or very short, other causes, particularly transient ischaemic attacks, should be ruled out.